Review Process

The review process of research papers (full papers and short papers) for PDC 2016 will be a two-round process.

In the first round, each paper will be double blind-reviewed by three reviewers and based on that, a decision will be made as to whether a paper will be invited to “revise & resubmit” or will be rejected. Rejected papers cannot be resubmitted to PDC 2016, but can be reworked to be submitted to other venues. Papers invited to revise and resubmit will have four weeks after notification before submitting to the PCS system again. Reviews will make explicit how the reviewers think a paper could be improved. Deadline for resubmissions is April 15, 2016, 23:59 CET. Resubmissions must include a ‘summary of changes’ that details how the authors have responded to the reviews and improved their paper. In the second round, each of the resubmitted papers will be reviewed again by the same three reviewers and decisions on acceptance or not will be made. Please note that an invitation to “revise & resubmit” does not guarantee acceptance, and the final decision will be made on the basis of the revised paper only.

The “revise & resubmit” review process gives authors a chance to improve their paper very much like when submitting to a journal, though with strict deadlines. Thus it is an opportunity to improve papers on matters that in a single review process might be a cause for rejection such as grammar, missing references, need for clarity of method or analysis, lack of explicitly relating the work to relevant previous studies or the field of participatory design. It is also an opportunity for authors of papers that might have been accepted in a single round process to further strengthen their paper. With two rounds of reviews and the ‘summary of changes’ letter communication between authors and reviewers will be strengthened.

The “revise & resubmit” process is not a chance to submit incomplete papers; please submit only papers that have the qualities that can be expected of sound, solid conference paper. Incomplete papers will be rejected by the chairs and not reviewed.

The review process of workshops and tutorials, doctoral colloquium, and interactive exhibitions is a single round process. Submissions will be double blind reviewed and a decision of accept or reject will be made on that basis. Notification will be available on May 13, 2016.