IE: Industry

Wednesday, 17. August, 13.30 – 15.00
Thursday, 18. August, 13.30 – 15.15
Nygaard – Basement Level + Library
Exhibitions are on display Wednesday – Thursday 09:00 – 17:00

Ageing Gracefully: Participatory Design for Public Services in Singapore


The “Design for Ageing Gracefully” project in Singapore led public agencies and government ministries in participatory design workshops for service solutions in the elderly healthcare system. We will showcase the interactive materials used to engage the public stakeholders and the solutions that were designed. Gabriella Piccolo will take workshop participants through our main learnings, and lead a discussion on the best ways to communicate the value of PD to public agencies and government ministries and engage them.

Jan-Christoph Zoels, Erin O’Loughlin, Xiangyi Tang, Michele Visciola & Gabriella Piccolo, Experientia

From Abstract to Concrete: telling Math Stories with Cards


Inspiration cards are a trademark of design workshops. But how do you create a “good” card? How might cards be used to facilitate conversations about abstract ideas, as well as invite exchange of cross domain knowledge in multidisciplinary teams? By inviting stakeholders to co-create cards, we allow views to be better heard and incorporated in decision making. In this interactive exhibition, participants will co-create inspiration cards to explore the range of abstract to concrete starting points. We will map out the cards according to their qualities.

Joyce Chow, Madeleine Kusoffsky & Arianit Kurti, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, Sweden

Dokk1: Co-Creation and Design Thinking in Libraries


Dokk1 is Scandinavia’s largest public library and represents a new generation of modern hybrid libraries. It was developed along with a Design Thinking for Libraries toolkit in cooperation between Chicago Public Libraries, Aarhus Public Libraries, IDEO and the Gates Foundation. We invite the participants to help us develop our model of the design thinking process further to make it not just human-centered but also co-creative. What principles and elements would the participants add to make it more participatory?

Sidsel Bech-Petersen & Lisbeth Maerkedahl, Dokk1 – Aarhus Public Libraries, & Marianne Krogbæk, ITK Lab, Denmark

Designing for “a” User: Stephen Hawking’s UI


In the interest of keeping the voice of one of history’s most influential scientist active, we had the honor of creating a PC control system just for professor Stephen Hawking. Focusing on a single user’s needs is antithetical to standard business and design methods, but we ended with a tool that was configurable enough to address not only Stephen’s Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) but could work for wide range of disabilities. We will describe our journey and put Stephen’s user interface in the hands of the audience.

Pete Denman, Lama Nachman & Sangita Sharma, Intel Corporation, United States

Let’s Play! Designing for Preschool Children


Designing for children under 4 years old means designing for a dual audience: a child with limited capabilities of expressing his/her preferences, and parents as gatekeepers into the child’s world, with their own set of expectations, needs and opinions. We will engage participants in exploring how the LEGO “Preschool Front End” team, in a participatory manner, develops the future of play with toddlers and their parents. A particular challenge is how to “envision the future” with families not about specific products, but about spaces for new possibilities.

Agnese Caglio, Søren Lethin & Yasaman Hashemian, LEGO, Denmark

Will Buddy Ideation Work with Children in the “Rundt i Ring købing” Project?


In a project aimed towards engaging citizens across all layers of a small-town community, I have experimented with a method for pairing up children for design activities, inspired by ethnographic research and knowledge brokering. Workshop participants will experiment on how to pair buddy teams within a short amount of time, and share their experiences of working with buddy teams in design.

Trine Falbe, International Business Academy, Kolding, Denmark