Call for Workshops

Call for Workshops, PDC 2016: Participatory Design Conference

The 2016 Participatory design Conference invites proposals for  workshops that engage with the conference theme of “PARTICIPATORY DESIGN IN AN ERA OF PARTICIPATION”. PDC Workshops are unique opportunities to propose ambitious and bold agendas for the PD community, crossing disciplinary boundaries and challenging the values, characteristics, politics and future forms of PD.

In line with the main tenets of our community, workshops should support an interactive format where active participation is encouraged and should go beyond a presentation format. In the past WS activities have, for example, included: collaborative mapping of a problem definition, debate and discussion groups, role playing, games and the creation of tangible outcomes (e.g. a fanzine). We encourage you to prepare proposals that will allow interested practitioners and researchers to spend half a day or a full day working together around shared interests.

The Participatory Design Conference 2016 will be held in Aarhus, Denmark from 15th – 18th August 2016 Details from: The workshops will be held on the first two days of the conference (15th & 16th August 2016).

Proposals should be made following the SIGCHI Conference Proceedings Format (see for details) and should include:
1) Workshop title and goals;
2) An abstract that can be used for recruitment via the PDC website;
3) An explanation of the workshop’s relevance to PD community and the conference
4) A description of the proposed format and schedule for the workshop (half day or full day)
5) A clear statement about the expected outcomes of the workshop (e.g. journal publication, research proposal, exhibition, etc.)

Please mention the maximum number of participants and explain how they will be recruited. In the recruitment procedure important dates should be clearly communicated to the participants (see important dates).
Submissions should be maximum 2 pages long

== Important Dates ==

·         1st April 2016: Workshop proposals due; submission via the PDC submission system (
·         May 13 2016: Notification to workshop organisers
·         May 30th 2016: CfP released by workshop organisers
·         June 1st 2016: Camera ready version of workshop description
·         June 1st 2016: Registration of at least one workshop organiser
·         July 1st 2016: Workshop participant submission deadline
·         July 15th 2016: Notification to workshop participants
·         August 15th / 16th PDC 2016 workshop days:

If you have any questions regarding the workshops, please contact

Andrea Botero & Andy Dearden
PDC 2016 workshop chairs