Call for Interactive Exhibitions

CALL FOR INTERACTIVE EXHIBITIONS in the categories Industry / Art and Design / Research

The 14th biennial Participatory Design Conference (PDC)
Aarhus, Denmark, 15 – 19 August 2016
Conference theme: “Participation in an Era of Participation”


Interactive Exhibitions is a new format that allows you to share a concrete participatory design experience in an interactive format during the main PDC 2016 conference program. The interactive exhibition format includes submissions of research cases, industry cases, art and design installations or projects. The format involves the multi-sensory presentation of material (visual, audio, physical, etc.) that will be on exhibition for two full days during the conference. In addition the format involves Mini-Workshops with Exhibition: a set up for 30-minute hands-on mini workshops where an audience of approximately 15 conference participants is invited into a concrete participatory design encounter. The exhibitions and mini-workshops will take place Wednesday and Thursday.

Submissions should include (1) A description of what will be displayed during the conference, and, (2) A description of how you will engage participants in interactions with your material during the 30-minute sessions. Proposals (maximum 2 pages in the SIGHI Conference Proceedings Format available at the PDC website) will be peer reviewed for applicability to the PD community, and (once accepted) undergo a process of curation into the final interactive exhibition format. Submissions that address or explore the theme ‘participation in an era of participation’ will be favored.

Submission Categories: Submissions can be made in the following categories:

  • Industry Cases: Proposals should report on the use of participatorymethods, tools, and/or practices within commercial, non-profit, institutional or governmental organizations. We are interested in a broad range of submissions that explore what a participatory approach means to different practitioners and audiences, which may include ideas, approaches, projects, experimentations or reflections on participation. We encourage submissions from practitioners who might not ordinarily attend the Participatory Design Conference but who are grappling with the complexities of participation or who are experimenting with novel approaches. Cases should highlight the benefits, challenges, and outcomes from the application of participatory approaches and should provide concrete lessons or challenges for others who are interested in applying PD in their organizations.
  • Art and Design Installations: PDC incorporates participatory art anddesign installations to inspire and innovate, and we invite artists and designers working with any form of interactive participatory methods to submit their projects. The works can take inspiration from visual and digital media, performance arts, installations, communication technologies, touch, sound and any other genres that allow participants to take part or become part of the art piece. Proposals should include a description of the artwork (incl. sketch/design) and interactive exhibition format (above), its relation to PD, and specific requirements for display. Alternatively artists can submit audio or video files describing the project.
  • Research Projects: Innovative and boundary breaking researchexperiences, reflections and discussions are welcome in this category. Focus of the Interactive Exhibition can include theoretical, conceptual and methodological aspects of the research, and represent individual or collective research endeavours, which could be related to any aspect of Participatory Design. Proposals should integrate reflective and sensory materials, concepts, technologies, etc. into a compelling interactive format.

== Important Dates ==

  • April 1st 2016: Interactive Exhibition proposal deadline via PDC submission (
  • May 13, 2016: Notification to Interactive Exhibition organisers
  • May-June: Exhibition & workshop curating – 30-minute Skype discussions
  • June 1st 2016: Camera ready version of workshop description
  • June 15th 2016: Registration of at least one Interactive Exhibition organizer
  • August 16th set up of Interactive Exhibitions –Workshop walkthrough
  • August 17th + 18th PDC 2016 Interactive Exhibitions

Brendon Clark, Julia Garde & Silvia Lindtner
PDC 2016 Interactive Exhibition Chairs

Daria Loi, Jeanette Blomberg & Jacob Buur
PDC 2016 Industry Chairs

Yanki Lee & Lone Koefoed Hansen
PDC 2016 Art & Design Chairs