Cultural life by the Sea
Aarhus is a dynamic city on the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. From here, beach, harbour and forest are all within reach of a 15-minute bike ride. 315.000 people live in Aarhus and 1,2 million people live in the greater Aarhus Area. Aarhus is one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia, but today one of the youngest due to the averange age of the inhabitants. Today Aarhus is known as an innovative city that is characterised as a student city with a rich history which already begun when the Vikings founded the city primarily due to its advantageous location.

Your rainbow panorama (1)Koncert i Rådhusparken i Aarhus

Lively Educational Environment
Aarhus has the highest concentration of students in Denmark and a lively study environment as many of the educational institutions are located in central Aarhus. Aarhus University was designed by the Danish architect C.F. Møller and is recognised internationally for its aesthetic architecture that blends in with the contours of the surrounding parkland. Aarhus University has approx. 43,000 students.

Aarhus Universitet
RETHINK 2017 – European Capital of Culture

Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture in 2017. Aarhus’s project, which has the theme RETHINK, is supported politically and economically by Central Region Denmark and the 19 municipalities of the region, and has been developed and established through a long collaborative process of citizen involvement.

IMG_2271Aarhus, bymiljø

International IT Environment
The IT industry is one of the most important growth industries in Aarhus – with significant synergies between the city’s businesses, educational institutions and researchers in the field. Additionally, Aarhus has a wide range of IT competencies, and with 20,000 IT jobs in Greater Aarhus, the region’s IT cluster is today a national top scorer in terms of growth and the establishment of new IT companies.

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